Word from the Pastor

Word from the Pastor

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Let me summarize the story of our Church and those who motivates our vocation.
Our church was founded by a few families of Armenian Evangelical origin who came to Montreal from the Middle East 1960. The Church has hosted many people coming from immigration, it has managed to
surround them, love them in this period of transition in their lives.

The church has grown steadily, and then took off in 2003 following the purchase of the existing building that has become a tool for evangelism and edification where hundreds of people have had a personal
experience with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives.

The website aims to explain the reasons for us and means that we put in place to honor the person of God and serve you as best we can.

Rev.Georges Dabbo

Rev. Georges Dabbo

Here are five things that motivate us and drive them.

1. Honoring God's person.

Always be grateful for his work to us ...

2. Fraternal communion.

Our differences are considered wealth.

The church is a family together walking in forgiveness and love

3. Training and Education.

The in-depth study of the Word is to form Christ in us. The Bible gives us stability in a changing world. Bible Word of God brings the disciple to maturity.

4. Manifestation of donations.

One of the best places to identify talent, it is the church and we put all our efforts to serve our generation,

5. Proclaiming the salvation that God give us in Jesus Christ.

The Great Commission is the mission, ours is the first where God has placed us, then, is to go into all the world. Mark 16:15


With all employees and leaders we want to unite all our efforts across all games that are offered to advance the vision, joyfully serve our neighbor, being in the society around us, an instrument of blessing and healing.